I lead my group through a 2 year project working with Homelessness, because we wanted to make a positive change by increasing community action. In this project, 9 local businesses and the City of Phoenix helped us organize 3 drives to receive 1,000 water bottles, $100, and 9 large bags and 4 boxes of supplies that were distributed through the Travis Williams Family Center.

This year we made the Make a Pack Challenge; we asked participants to make a backpack that included living essentials and received 27 in donation! We handed them out to local homeless and were able to help people who were struggling to live another night.

The first day we worked on this task, I never imagined we could have organized these events at our age. This project has given me a personal connection to the issue in which I feel obligated to help people to the best of my ability. Giving the donations made me feel capable of making a difference in the community and the lives of those who have much less than we do.