I’ve been working to end bullying in my community, and I chose this cause because of my own personal experience with the issue. In middle school I was bullied by a teacher and by other students, and ever since I’ve wanted to raise awareness.

This past year I worked with the founder of the You Are Never Alone Foundation, Salley Gibney, and helped her start the Let’s Start the Conversation branch that focuses on bullying. As a part of this, I lead conversations on my swim team and at my school. The purpose of these conversations was to help my community recognize bullying and know what they can do to help fight it. These talks were incredibly successful and I have received great feedback.

Those who came to the talks received two wooden coins that serve as a memento to remind yourself that you are not alone. The second coin was to give away to further pass on the message. I was able to learn how to turn a negative experience into a positive one to help make a difference in the world.