As a dancer since age seven, I often noticed children made fun of others who didn’t fit the right dancer body type. This affected me because I felt dance should be an outlet for stress, not a creator of it.  Many children who could have benefited from dance the most quit.

Those are my earliest memories of witnessing bullying and through middle school the incidents grew worst. By the time I reached high school, I decided to do something on behalf of all those would be dancers. I started a club at school called Dance for the Heart to bring awareness to childhood obesity and bullying. For an extra challenge I arranged a tour of youth organizations from NY to FL.

On the drive from 8/4-8/11/2015 I lead a dance/discussion program for kids ages 6-12. The groups varied in size from 3-100. Smaller groups were most impactful. Some tears flowed when girls told how they were bullied. I learned that by reaching out to children when they are young bullying can be prevented rather than battled.