Bullying is a potential threat that will change the future generation’s actions and thoughts; it is the root of most issues in the world today. Some of these problems include lack of self confidence, depression, drugs, and at worse suicide. I choose to give back to my community by raising awareness of bullying in hopes to make the world a better place!

For my project I created an interactive Anti-Bullying power-point presentation with follow along student activity packets for the 5th grade students to take home. I was able to teach 325 students between two elementary schools. I gave the school a Stamp Out Bullying banner in which the students could stamp their thumbs onto and designed a website to broadcast my project further into the community.

My website currently has 552 viewers. I was able to purchase and send 30 anti-bullying workbooks to Angel & Doves, a non-profit anti-bullying organization in Indiana. I learned what it took to be a leader.