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Forrest – Veterans’ Memorial

I have always been taught to respect our nation's veterans. My father was a member of the United States Coast Guard, and my brother is currently a member of the United States Air Force. I chose to commit a project to this group because I feel that they deserve a lot more recognition than they [...]

Jonathon – Veterans Day

In order to complete my challenge I chose to help organize our community Veteran's Day program. Every year our school puts on a program to honor our local veteran's. This year, I really wanted to help. I volunteered to prepare breakfast for our veterans before the program. I helped make sausage, bacon, pancakes, hash browns, [...]

Devin – Let’s Start the Conversation

I've been working to end bullying in my community, and I chose this cause because of my own personal experience with the issue. In middle school I was bullied by a teacher and by other students, and ever since I've wanted to raise awareness. This past year I worked with the founder of the You [...]

Kaitlyn – I asked them not to bully anyone else, and they listened

I chose anti-bullying because I have witnessed other students getting bullied by others in school and outside of school. I remember in elementary school, I got bullied from 4th grade up to 7th. Its so much you can take from a person, so I decided to tell someone what was going on. The adults tried [...]

Jose – Stamp Out Bullying

Bullying is a potential threat that will change the future generation's actions and thoughts; it is the root of most issues in the world today. Some of these problems include lack of self confidence, depression, drugs, and at worse suicide. I choose to give back to my community by raising awareness of bullying in hopes [...]

Bhavjeet – Peer Initiative-Leaders of Tomorrow

On February 20, 2014, my friend Channing died by suicide as a result of bullying. Consumed with grief and numb from shock, I didn't need the help of a removed adult; I needed that of the peers who were bearing the same burden. After three more student deaths at SHHS, the pain and frustration of [...]

Haley – Dance for the Heart

As a dancer since age seven, I often noticed children made fun of others who didn't fit the right dancer body type. This affected me because I felt dance should be an outlet for stress, not a creator of it.  Many children who could have benefited from dance the most quit. Those are my earliest [...]

Diana – A Care Package Can Make A Person’s Day

During our Youth Ministry program one night we decided to make handout bags for the homeless. This involved taking common care products such as a tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant, snack packages, water, gift cards, and distributing them in plastic bags. Along with the care package, each bag included a handwritten note and a prayer card [...]

Madison – Change

For 5 years now I've had a massive passion to change the lives of homeless people. I'm a youth leader at my church and one community service project we do in particular is going out every Saturday to feed and clothe the unfortunate. Many people automatically assume that homeless people are in poverty because they [...]

Alaina – Make a Pack

I lead my group through a 2 year project working with Homelessness, because we wanted to make a positive change by increasing community action. In this project, 9 local businesses and the City of Phoenix helped us organize 3 drives to receive 1,000 water bottles, $100, and 9 large bags and 4 boxes of supplies [...]