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Ashley – Pink Pumpkin Patches

I chose healthcare because that is what my FFA project has been based off of my entire high school career, but to be specific, my service challenge is funding breast cancer research. I've always known how common breast cancer was and how many people it affected, this is why I chose to collaborate with the [...]

Keoni – No Longer A Bystander

After touring Poland's WWII sites, my eyes were opened. I knew I needed to change my actions and no longer be a bystander. In May of 2014, I created a project within my youth group that combined education and impact to create an effective model for tackling hunger and preventing genocide. With the focus on [...]

Karin – A Call To Help

This summer I helped create a lunch program for elementary and middle school children whose families are struggling to put food on the table. The program allowed the children to come to our site three days a week for a free nutritious lunch. This experience opened my eyes to the poverty and need right here [...]

Lindsey – One Body

We need to stop world hunger. There is no reason we should let anyone be uncertain of where they will get their next meal if they even get a next meal. It was hard to pick this cause because I serve in many of areas, but I picked hunger because that's where I do the [...]

Hope – To Receive Things Freely

The service challenge that I've completed was Kids Against Hunger. Any available citizen was able to participate and help package meals that are sent to families and overseas in Nepal. I'd chosen to participate in this event because for two reasons: To complete my hours for community service in eligible to graduate, and to help [...]

Vanessa – Hunger Is Something No One Should Have To Experience

The service challenge that I have completed, and continue to participate in on a weekly basis, is helping at my local food bank. Hunger is such an important issue in our society today that unfortunately many people are facing. I feel very fortunate and thankful to have food to eat everyday. That's why I decided [...]

Riley – Hometown Hunger

I live in a small rural community of about 3,500 people. Everybody knows about hunger in big cities, but even in small communities like mine; those issues are still going on. It was hard for me to imagine kids that I know going to bed hungry at night. I started volunteering at our monthly food [...]